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Value, science and art are the key considerations at the heart of sustainable urbanisation and are central to the idea of intelligent master planning. RSP Architects Planners & Engineers has planned and shaped more than 50 cities, business districts, townships, residential and industrial estates around the world.

Innopolis Master Plan, Russia

40 kilometres from Kazan, Russia’s 10th largest city, Innopolis is planned as a cutting-edge information and communications technology (ICT) satellite town, potentially attracting 10,000 of the best minds. Beyond just a techno-park, the master plan proposes a self-sustaining township, well connected to the region, able to support a population of 150,000 in future.


Guangzhou Knowledge City Master Plan, China

The Guangzhou Knowledge City is the next iconic Sino-Singapore collaboration after Suzhou Industrial Park and Tianjin Eco City. The master plan envisions a vibrant, sustainable city for knowledge-based industries. Developments are planned in an integrated manner with green connectors and water bodies forming a network throughout the entire city.


Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley Master Plan, China

At the forefront of driving China’s blue economy, the master plan for this leading silicon valley for marine industries proposes an interconnected network of five self-sufficient towns. Plans are shaped by its natural terrain. Comprehensive green linkages are introduced while emphasising its natural assets like sandy beaches and hot springs.


Jaypee Wish Town Master Plan, Agra, India

Northeast of Agra, one of India’s historic cities and home to the Taj Mahal, the master plan proposes a vibrant sustainable township. Leveraging on its connection to the new, major Yamuna Expressway to New Delhi, the plans will enhance the Agra area as a major tourist destination and support its handicraft and manufacturing industries.

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